Team building day

Had a fantastic annual meeting & team building day. Great to see almost the entire A2COM team in one place.

As we typically all work remotely and see each other only on Skype it’s important to physically meet at least once a year to keep the human connection a live.

What a great team to be part of! What a great year 2019 was:
– 60+ new projects,
– More then 250 clients that trust us both in UK & abroad,
– New dedicated tools created for corporate customers like Carrefure Mobile & NEIBO
– 60+ Google Ads campaign’s
– and much much more…

Hope you have your goals & strategy ready for this year. We certainly have ours now. 2020 here we come!

And if you feel you might need some help getting more leads & customers for your company in 2020 call 033 3303 1403 or write to for a free marketing consultation on how to make this year the best one ever.